RJ Harris Visits The Border In McAllen Texas

The Border Show

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Christine Flowers is a Philadelphia Attorney who writes for Liberty + Broad.

Recently, Attorney Flowers toured the border with RJ Harris for an eye opening experience for someone who works with immigration on a regular basis. Hear her story with RJ here.

Attorney Flowers has also written an op-ed on her travels. Read her article here.

Jordan Fischetti is an immigration policy fellow for Americans for Prosperity. Jordan talks about strengthening the border and humanitarian efforts. Read more about Justin Fishchetti here.

Listen to Justin Fischetti on with RJ Harris here.

Ashley Klingensmith is the New State Director for Americans for Prosperity. Ashley joins RJ Harris for the border show to speak about what change is needed on the border. Learn more about Ashley Klingensmith here.

Listen to Ashley on with RJ Harris here.

Chris Clem is the Retired Deputy Chief and Chief Border Patrol Agent.  After 27 1/2 years of federal law enforcement experience and over four years of senior executive service, Chris Clem joins RJ to speak about what he saw at the border during his time of service. Listen to Chief Clem here.

The pictures below are from the U.S. border with Mexico. RJ Harris is a guest of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. The goal was to gain a true snapshot of what is really going on in McAllen, Texas.

RJ traveled with group of law enforcement officials, elected officials and former former office holders, and fellow media.

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