April 2, 2022 - (Harrisburg, PA) - Doug Mastriano, Bill McSwain, Clarice Schillinger, and Kathy Barnette lead with Pennsylvania conservatives 45 days out of the primary elections.

Over the last three days, more than 750 conservatives from 44 Counties across the Commonwealth united at the annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in Camp Hill, PA. Attendees participated in the annual Pennsylvania Straw Poll which covers state and federal issues as well as a pulse of current candidates reflection from the conservative voter base.

After the votes were counted, 60% of the votes cast feel that PA Legislators are going off track and only 21% felt they are going in the right direction. Election Integrity at 61% was the most important issue facing the general assembly, while the Budget and Marcellus Shale drilling rounded out the top three at 16% and 6% respectively.

On the national side the economy (24%), illegal immigration (16%), and government spending (15%). More than half of the voters, 52%, disapprove of the job republicans are doing in congress, and 21% are undecided leaving an approval rating of only 28%

Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano who won the early support (32%) of the voters a year ago, is now tied with Bill McSwain each pulling in 24% of the vote. Trailing behind are David White (15%), Charlie Gerow (11%), Lou Barletta (10%), Nche Zama (7%), Joe Gale (5%), Melissa Hart (1%), and Jake Corman (1%)

Clarice Schillinger can claim victory after obtaining 18% of the votes, but the results were a lot closer as only six votes separated Clarice from Jeff Coleman who finished third, Teddy Daniels finished a single vote behind Clarice.

Kathy Barnette with the most resounding victory claimed 35% of the votes for the upcoming Senate Primary Race. The results of the Straw Poll were announced following the Senate candidates forum which started after polling has closed. Of the candidates running the only one that was not at the forum was David McCormick who still collected 14 percent of the votes. Jeff Bartos came in second with 18%.

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