11.7.20 Reflux-GERD With UPMC Comprehensive Reflux Program

Today we have experts from UPMC to talk about gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD:

General Surgeon Dr. Aaron Sachs, Leader Surgical Associates-UPMC, is the medical director of the UPMC Comprehensive Reflux program and is fellowship trained in minimally invasive reflux surgery.

Thoracic surgeon Dr. John Brady, UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute, completed an extra year of fellowship focused on treating esophageal conditions in addition to his extensive training and experience as a thoracic surgeon.

Both physicians work collaboratively with physicians in other disciplines to provide the best care possible for patients with GERD.

We will discuss what GERD is, the symptoms, risk factors.....how it could lead to complications including cancer and other medical problems. The treatment and new minimally invasive surgeries available at UPMC, and when you should see medical attention.

Contact the UPMC Comprehensive Reflux Program at 717-741-3449.

UPMC Heart & Vascular Institute 717988-58-64

Hear our podcast here.

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