1.11.2020 Back Pain-UPMC Pinnacle-Orthopedic Specialists of Central PA

Everyone experiences back pain from time to time. Whether it’s a result from sitting or standing too long, overuse, poor posture, or an underlying medical condition, experts estimate that nearly 80 percent of the population will experience either chronic or acute back pain during their lifetime.

Unfortunately, it is also the leading cause of disability in this country and it accounts for nearly 264 million absent work days each year. Here in the US those who experience back pain also find themselves suffering from rising medical costs.

There is good news, however, it’s reported that 90 percent of back pain resolves on its own. Additionally, knowing the cause of your back pain, preventive measures and treat options all can help patients get ahead of future problems instead of falling behind physically and financially.

Dr. Edward Vresilovic is an Orthpaedic Surgeon at UPMC Pinnacle-Orthopedic Specialists of Central PA. We will learn about the back and how it works and what can go wrong. The causes of back pain and how to prevent them. When is it time to seek medical help from back pain. And the options for easing the pain.....non operative and surgical treatments.

Learn more about the back and help available at: UPMC Pinnacle Back Pain

Hear our podcast with Dr. V. here:

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