2.5.22 The Ultimate Rail Adventure Aboard Rocky Mountaineer


What could be better than a leisurely and luxurious train trip – especially one that takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in North America?

Come and explore the Canadian Rockies and the Southwestern United States with an unforgettable rail adventure aboard the award-winning Rocky Mountaineer. Every seat comes with a mountain view and you’re going to learn all about it on “Let’s Talk Travel” this Saturday morning at 11 on WHP580.

Stacy Nicolettos, Key Account Manager for the Northeast USA, will be my guest and she will tell us why Rocky Mountaineer is considered a must-do “bucket-list” travel experience and describe what life is like onboard this gracious & comfortable all daylight train – and what we’ll be seeing, and eating, along the way.  

One of the most celebrated train experiences in the world…the legendary Rocky Mountaineer.

From beautiful Vancouver to Jasper to Lake Louise or Banff or the Canyons & Colorado River of the Southwest, you’ll feel on top of the world in more ways than one. Be sure to contact your local AAA and ask about the upcoming October 1-8, 2022 “Utah Mighty Five Explorer” exclusive tour with The Rocky Mountaineer.

Hear our podcast here:

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