8.29.20 Exploring PA Wines & Wineries

What could be better than exploring our beautiful Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and talking about the 300 wineries covering all state regions?

On “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA”, Saturday morning, August 29th from 11am-12pm on WHP580, we will feature “Pennsylvania’s Wines and Wineries” with Jennifer Eckinger, Executive Director of the PA Wine Association and representing Clover Hill Vineyard and Winery – plus - Andy Warner from Black River Farms. (Both featured wineries are located in the picturesque Lehigh Valley.)

Winemaking in Pennsylvania began in 1683 when William Penn planted the first vineyard in Philadelphia and today, Pennsylvania boasts nearly 300 wineries over 14,000 acres of some of the most fertile grape-growing land on the East Coast.

Show highlights will include – new health & safety protocols ; Harvest Season ; what are some of the most popular PA wines and much more.

For all information and updates on Pennsylvania Wines & Wineries including special Harvest Season events along the nine Pennsylvania Wine Trails – go to – www.pawineland.com.

***Next Saturday, September 5th, “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” will feature “Female Winemakers from Pennsylvania”.***

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