Pennsylvania Restaurant Serves The Best Pancakes In The Entire State

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When you picture your dream stack of pancakes what do you see?

Is the fluffy, golden-brown stack served on a plate topped with maple syrup and butter, surrounded by bacon, eggs, sausage and a black coffee, or is it topped with fresh fruit, honey, and whipped cream, next to a smoothie and an oat milk latte? Some even take it a step further by introducing cake into the batter, serving up red velvet, funfetti, and other desert style stacks. Regardless of how you chose to enjoy your pancakes, there is one restaurant in each state known for serving the best around. Something about this place keeps customers coming back for more, and we're pretty sure it has something to do with this satisfying breakfast food.

According to a list compiled Mashed, the best pancakes in all of Pennsylvania can be found at The Hershey Pantry located in Hershey.

Here's what Mashed had to say about the best place to order pancakes in Pennsylvania:

"Pennsylvania's Hershey Pantry, in the incredible chocolate-making town of Hershey, offers gigantic pancakes and sweet coffee concoctions that will make your morning. According to Foursquare reviewers, it's the ideal breakfast spot in the state and well worth waiting for. Yelp reviewers love the homey, welcoming feeling you get the second you walk inside. If you want pancakes that are more like an enormous breakfast dessert in a cozy atmosphere and don't mind significant portions, you'll love the Hershey Pantry."

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