>>State Expands COVID-19 Vaccination Phase One A

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Pennsylvania is expanding its first phase of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. Anyone over the age of 65 and those between the ages of 16 and 64 with health conditions that put them of higher risk of the virus are now eligible to receive the vaccine. Pregnant women are also eligible now. People can determine their eligibility for the vaccine online at

>>Pennsylvanian Arrested For Stealing Nancy Pelosi's Laptop

(Harrisburg, PA) -- A Dauphin County woman is under police custody for stealing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's laptop during the riot at the nation's capital on January 6th. Officials say Riley June Williams was captured on video taking a laptop or computer hard drive from Pelosi's office, and she intended to sell the device to a friend in Russia, who planned to sell it to Russia's foreign intelligence service. Those plans reportedly fell through. Williams is facing charges of violent entry, disorderly conduct, aiding or abetting the theft of government property and more.

>>Chatroom Messages Believed To Belong To Riley Williams Surface

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Two chatroom messages believed to belong to the Harrisburg-area woman accused of taking a laptop belonging to Nancy Pelosi have surfaced. Pennlive reports the messages believed to be from 22-year-old Riley Williams indicated she stole from the House Speaker and that she didn’t care if she was killed for taking Pelosi’s hard drives. Williams is believed to have graduated from Mechanicsburg in 2017.

>>COVID-19 Cases Rising In Pennsylvania

(Harrisburg, PA) -- New COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported more than 5,300 new cases yesterday. There have now been over 777,000 COVID-19 cases in the state since the beginning of the pandemic. 77 more people also passed away due to complications of the coronavirus.

>>Mechanicsburg Man Being Charged For His Involvement In U.S. Capitol Riot

(Mechanicsburg, PA) -- A man from Mechanicsburg is facing charges for his alleged involvement in the riot at the U.S. Capitol earlier this month. Prosecutors announced yesterday that Barton Wade Shively turned himself into authorities last Thursday. He is being accused of putting his hands on several officers during the riot, potentially injuring them. Prosecutors say he is facing four charges including assault for his actions. He was released from federal custody yesterday.

>>Man Accused Of Stealing Two Motorcycles In York

(York, PA) -- A 19-year-old man is being charged for possessing two motorcycles that were reported stolen in York. Destin Peters was charged for receiving stolen property yesterday. Authorities say they found two motorcycles at a home in the 39-hundred-block of Eastgate Drive in York. After running vehicle identification numbers on the two bikes, officers confirmed that they were reported stolen last November and Peters was storing them at the Eastgate Drive residence.

>>Wolf Expects To Name Replacement For Levine This Week

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Governor Tom Wolf says he expects to name a replacement for outgoing Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Doctor Rachel Levine. Levine is being nominated by President-Elect Joe Biden to be assistant health secretary. Wolf said Tuesday Levine’s work for the commonwealth has been transformational and he appreciates it more than he could say.

>>PA’s New Treasurer Is On The Job

(Harrisburg, PA) -- The Commonwealth’s new Treasurer is on the job. Stacy Garrity was sworn in yesterday as the 78th treasurer in the history of Pennsylvania, becoming the fourth woman to hold the position. The Republican and Bradford County native has said her priorities include eliminating waste and unnecessary fees and helping families in the commonwealth safe for education.

 >>WellSpan Creates Online Path To Schedule COVID-19 Vaccine

(York, PA) -- Officials with WellSpan Health say they have an online path for people to schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination. Starting today, people over 65 and those with over 16 chronic medical conditions can create an account at My-WellSpan. The vaccine will be available at 20 WellSpan locations across central Pennsylvania

>>Lancaster County Police Officers Join Security In D.C. Ahead Of Inauguration Day

(Strasburg, PA) -- Police officers from Lancaster County are helping out security in Washington D.C. ahead of president-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. The Strasburg Borough Police Department announced yesterday that three of its officers were sworn in as U.S. Deputy Marshals. They are currently in the nation's capital to assist other officers from around the country during Inauguration Day. Officials say the three officers volunteered to go to D.C. and went through specialized training.

>>Lancaster Barnstormers To Host Donation Drive At Clipper Magazine Stadium

(Lancaster, PA) -- The Lancaster Barnstormers is going to be hosting a donation drive event later this month at Clipper Magazine Stadium. The organization announced Monday that it will be hosting a drive called Pack the Park from January 25th through January 30th. Food, clothing and personal care item donations can be dropped off at the Box Office of the stadium from any time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during the event week. The team says there will be music and discounted tickets available on the final day of the drive.

>>Exeter Township School Board Denies Construction Of New Transportation Center

(Exeter Township, PA) -- Exeter Township School District is not going to be building a new transportation center any time soon. The school board voted six-to-three against the proposed project yesterday. The new transportation center was proposed to be built at the Owatin Creek Elementary School site, but board members who voted against it say they are more interested in renovating the existing center located on Kerr Road instead. If the board decides to renovate the existing transportation center, it is estimated to cost one-million-dollars less than building a new one.

>>Comcast Launching Lift Zones To Help Students In Berks County

(Reading, PA) -- Comcast is going to give students in Berks County some help for the school year. The company announced yesterday it is launching about seven Wi-Fi lift zones around the county to help students whose families may struggle with the cost of internet. Officials say the zones will allow students to connect to Wi-Fi on their laptops to learn virtually. Five of the seven zones are expected to be put up in Reading.

>>Student Trying To Change School Mascot For Twin Valley

(Caernarvon Township, PA) -- A student at Twin Valley High School is trying to change its school mascot. The student began petitioning to change the school mascot last June, and as of yesterday, the petition has received over 42-hundred signatures. Sixteen-year-old Arden Wolfe claims that the current mascot, the Twin Valley Raider, is a symbol of racism, and she has been working with student leaders and tribal affiliates to change the name. The superintendent of the district says the board is too busy with handling the COVID-19 pandemic to consider a new mascot as of now.

>>Police Arrest Five Connected To Four Shootings From Monday Night

(Tobyhanna, PA) -- Five suspects are in police custody for their alleged involvement in four separate shootings that occurred Monday night. Police say all the shootings occurred in rapid succession throughout Monroe County and left four suffering from gunshot wounds, including one man who was shot in the head. The suspects have been identified as Laron Watson, Jahlayah Blondell, Aja Nay Watson, Soladin Hamilton and a 16-year-old. Almost all of them are facing charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault and more.

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