Lancaster EMS first in state to administer COVID vaccine

Lancaster EMS first in state to administer COVID vaccine

(Lancaster -- CBS21) A first for the commonwealth. First responders in Lancaster are changing how our region delivers the vaccine.

Lancaster EMS is now administering the vaccine and is authorized to do so by the PA Department of Health, their hope is that others will follow.

On Monday, while seeing around forty patients, the target was folks in group 1A, many health care workers.

“We’re very excited to be able to be offer this vaccine today and we have other clinics planned. This is a logical step for us and we are authorized under the children vaccination program for the state of Pennsylvania,” said Bob May, the Lancaster EMS Executive Director.

Lancaster EMS is the first EMS agency in the commonwealth to take on the challenge of administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

“It fits our mission,” said May. “We’re mobile, we can have clinics eventually at satellite stations with community partners so we’re excited about this.”

Using Moderna’s vaccine for easy storage; Lancaster EMS plans to use around 200 doses every week, starting on Monday with around forty. Those who made an appointment say they’re grateful for the opportunity.

“I feel very lucky. It doesn’t sound like I have to wait long so. I feel very blessed that it’s here within 10 minutes of my job,” said Eunice Lapp-Hill, an area nurse.

“It was something I was debating, looking at pros and cons,” said Jason Martin with Lancaster EMS. “It comes down to a choice of, do I get the vaccine or get COVID? I’d rather get the vaccine.”

“I feel grateful to Lancaster EMS for giving us this opportunity,” said Phil Kreider, a patient on Monday. “It happened pretty quick so it was great to get here.”

So far the organization hasn’t had any issues due to the stockpiling or lack thereof on a national level they say they are working with the state to get 200 doses every week.

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