Officials React to Today's Violence in the Nationals Capitol

Rep. Lloyd Smucker


1/2 - I am horrified by the violence and destruction at the Capitol. This is not who we are as a country. Please go home now.



Today in DC should have been about meaningful debate, peaceful protest and the Rule of Law -- not chaos and talks of coups. I unequivocally condemn any violence and criminal acts taking place, and pray for a restoration of peace.

Congressman Dan Meuser


The U.S. Capitol was stormed by rioters. I stayed back trying to help secure the doors. Capitol Police kept everyone safe, while putting themselves at risk. We must be grateful to our law enforcement and condemn violent lawlessness. God bless America. We will get through this.

Congressman Fred Keller


The violence happening at the U.S. Capitol is shameful, completely unacceptable, and un-American. This is not how our Republic should operate and the rioters must be fully prosecuted. God bless our Capitol police and first responders.

Senator Pat Toomey


This is an absolute disgrace. I appreciate the work of the United States Capitol Police under difficult circumstances. I am currently safe as are the few members of my staff that are currently at the Capitol complex.

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