Oriental Valley Sportsman's Association Full Auto Open House

Interested in shooting machine guns or black powder? Pellet guns or archery but never had the chance? Well now you do, come on out and go full auto!

Shoot full auto machine guns, 9mm, M4, AK47 or belt fed 5.56

Cost is $20/30 rd clip or $75 for a 100 rd belt. Proceeds benefit the Oriental Valley Sportsman's Association with $1/clip $2/belt being donated to PA Wounded Warriors Inc.

We'll also have a bolt action .50 cal available to fire, black powder rifles, pellet and bb guns and archery. And I'm told a cannon or two might make an appearance.

So if you're interested in shooting guns or archery but just never had the opportunity without the expense come on out.

Check out the website, www.ovsassociation.com for more information and other scheduled events.


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