Q:  Bill, I live in New Bloomfield but I have seen this problem across the northeast, ROOF MOLD! Are you familar with it, will it shorten the life of my roof and if so can you suggest how to get rid of it?

Thank You,

A:  A
ctually we did discuss this in one of the shows which I am realizing that I need to do repeats.  I have been struggling with how much repeat I should do.  Anyway, the black streaks are from mold also and can be cleaned using a mild clorox solution and a scrub brush, being careful to rinse well and not do it on a hot day as you can damage the shingles when walking on them.  Zinc, strips which you can buy at a roofing supply, can stop it from coming back.  We also sell a product that is made for this problem and is to prevent re-occurance. 

-Bill Hornung