New policy for personal bag use in some local grocery stores

New policy for personal bag use in some local grocery stores

Grocery stores are taking drastic steps to keep customers as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic, including social distancing reminders in the aisles.But what about the bags we're all using?

Weis Markets has a new policy starting Monday, that reusable bags are no longer allowed for use in the store.

The company says it's for the safety of the customers and their employees.

Checking out at a grocery is when some feel worries diminish but could it be where your virus worries begin?

A new study from the New England Journal of Medicine says the coronavirus can live up to 24 hours on cardboard and much longer on plastic.

"As it turns out the coronavirus can it looks like can live on the grocery bags that are made of plastic which they are, for 3 days. Again, probably a reason to not take anything from an outside environment into the grocery store and then back home,” says Dr. Werner

The idea is simple, any germs or virus at your home live on surfaces there, the bags pick them up and then tag along to the next location, the grocery store.

Giant Foods say the bags are allowed, but the cashiers or baggers will not touch your reusable bags, you'll have to bag your own groceries. They say they are constantly cleaning common areas like checkout locations and carts.

So far, both Karns and Stauffers will still allow reusable bags in their stores.

"In the state of crisis we're in, we all need to be safe for everybody so having the throwaway bags I think is best,” said Dana Harfield.

Ironically in some states the plastic throwaway bags like these have already been banned. So, there is no choice but for customers to bring in their own.

It's a tough call for some who thought they were helping to save the environment by skipping these bags. now, by using them you could be saving your neighbors from coronavirus.