DEMOCRAT RAGE: Pelosi Calls GOP Tax Cuts 'Pathetic Crumbs' as Working Families Struggle

As the US economy continues to roar and American-based companies raise wages and pay out big bonuses, liberal lawmakers are still pretending that the GOP tax cuts are having no impact on working-class families; calling the increased earnings “pathetic crumbs.”

“That’s one version of tax cuts. You’ve heard from a bunch of Democrats, ‘It’s terrible, it’s so awful,’” said Buck Sexton. “What I really love is that you have Nancy Pelosi out there saying this is ‘crumbs.’ That people getting $1,000 at tax time that they would not have otherwise had is meaningless. If you’re Nancy Pelosi and your husband is worth $40-50 million than a thousand dollars is meaningless.”

“When you have over half the country struggling, if they were faced with a $500 unexpected expense, then $1000 is really helpful,” he added.

“There are people who think we’d be better off with a non-competitive tax system for corporations. We should give all international competition a leg-up on us when it comes to the corporate world because of ‘fairness.’ That’s the Obama way,” Sexton said.

“You having more of your money is a bad thing. If you have a little bit of your money back it’s ‘crumbs’ as Nancy Pelosi said, it doesn’t really matter,” he added. “The proof is in the pudding. It’s quite clear with these companies giving $1000 bonus checks to their employees…They’re getting a check they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

Listen to ‘The Buck Sexton Show’ above.

The Buck Sexton Show

The Buck Sexton Show

Buck Sexton is a former political commentator for CNN, and previously served as national security editor for and host of “The Buck Sexton Show” on TheBlazeTV and TheBlazeRadio. He’s a frequent guest host for The Rush Limbaugh Show,... Read more


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