If the Senate Removed Trump, It Would Be the End of the Republican Party

RUSH: Snerdley, the Official Program Observer, is asking, “What would happen if enough Republicans did join Democrats and voted to remove Trump from the presidency, go ahead and convict him.”

I think it'd be the end of the Republican Party, and whoever is left to pick up the pieces would be starting from scratch. But that means the Democrats own politics for the rest of our lives. Stock market would crash. ChiComs might go capitalist. Castro might be reborn and China turns into this capitalist, gigantic resort, as the Democrats take America down the road to Soviet style poverty.

There are 63 million people that voted for Donald Trump, and if you look at polling data, Republican support for Trump remains 90%. That 63 million people is still there and it may be bigger. And if the Republican Party sold them out, that would be the end of them whenever they were next up for reelection. But they don't think so.

Remember all these people in the Beltway, Republicans and Democrats, there are exceptions, obviously, but the people we're talking about, people like Romney, they've got it in their heads that everybody hates Trump. And if they're wrong about that, you should hate Trump! If you don't hate Trump, you should. If you don't think Trump's an abomination, you should. If you don't think Trump's a gigantic embarrassment to America, the presidency, you should. If you don't think Trump's unqualified, you should. If you don't think Trump is a danger and a threat, then you should.

That's their attitude. They are arrogant and condescending. They're never gonna change their minds about this, and none of this is about policy. It's all about personality. It's all about status and stature, the establishment, not about policy. Because policy-wise, there's no reason for any Republican to want to throw this guy out of town. I mean, it’s silly to even contemplate.

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