Drive-By Media Democrats, NBA Players and Owners Side with ChiComs Over ...

RUSH: As you stand back and you objectively observe the current U.S. Drive-By Media news cycle, there's some things that stand out. Almost all of the Drive-By Media Democrats and NBA players and owners -- almost all -- are in support of Communist China and against free speech. And we're told, "Well, the ChiComs have this gigantic market over there, Rush, 1.2 billion customers.

"People can't forget that. They can't look past that." You got some freedom fighters in Hong Kong, some people waving the American flag. They just want freedom of speech. They don't want to be subsumed and taken over and swallowed up by the ChiCom regime. And in the country that is ostensibly the leading light, the beacon freedom, it is the communist Chinese government being sided with, not freedom fighters.

Yet when you have left-wing, fascist Antifa on the roll out there destroying cities and beating up people because (impression), "They're demanding civil rights and liberty and freedom," the same Drive-By Media supporting the ChiComs, and the same sports league supporting the ChiComs support Antifa! So if you're a left-winger demanding liberty and freedom and speech rights, then I guess the NBA and the Drive-By Media will be with you. But if you are somehow opposed to communism and want free speech rights, then you're not gonna be supported.

So all of the Drive-By Media, almost -- and almost all the Democrats and the NBA players and owners -- are in support of Communist China and against free speech. A single tweet by the general manager of the Houston Rockets supporting the Hong Kong freedom fighters has caused this massive coalition of media Democrats, NBA players, and owners to side with the communist Chinese. But they were all against -- to the point of boycotting -- the recent North Carolina bathroom law, which they claimed went against their guiding principles of equality and mutual respect.

Something's so way out of whack here.


RUSH: Let me finish this thought here. 'Cause it's a good thought. It's worth finishing. The news cycle here, if you look at this objectively, if you just stand aside, try not to be affected by it, just watch it and judge it, it's just obscene. Almost all the Drive-By Media, the Democrats and the NBA players and owners, are supporting communist China.

Just like there was this almost magical utopian support for Cuba, which is a repressive, godforsaken regime. But still it was thought to be the potential utopia on earth. Now the ChiComs have the same kind of adoration from the supposed kings of civil rights, from the supposed kings of civil liberties, the descendants of Martin Luther King and Eleanor Squeal and all the other left-wing activists demanding equality here and equality there and free speech.

They are sidling up to the most repressive anti-free speech, anti-freedom regime you can find on the planet today! Communist China! Over one tweet by a general manager for the Houston Rockets supporting Hong Kong freedom fighters! Remember when the one guy stood up in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square, remember everybody stood up and loved that guy? This would be the equivalent if the NBA said, “Put that guy in jail!”

If the NBA and the Democrat Party and the media said, “Run him over! Run over that guy, he's insulting our brethren in the Chinese communist government.” That's the equivalent. They've done a 180 off Tiananmen Square. And that guy who was celebrated as a hero, if that happened today, he'd be lynched. And the NBA and all of these communist Chinese loving American enterprises would be demanding that guy be made an example of.

Now, while they're doing this, remember, they were all almost on the verge of boycotting North Carolina over the bathroom issue, which they claimed went against their guiding principles of equality and mutual respect. In other words, if North Carolina didn't bend over, grab the ankles, and let anybody use any bathroom they wanted for any reason, the NBA wasn't gonna go there, the NBA was gonna boycott, the NBA was gonna pull out.

And any other state that tried to say men had to use the men's room and women had to use the women's, they were bigots, they were creeps, we're not gonna do business in those states, either. And yet sidling up to the ChiComs? Do you know what China does to transgender people? Do you know what China does to homosexuals? Do you know where those people end up in China? They end up in reeducation camps with the Uyghurs.

Do you think there's a transgender element running around communist China demanding rights, protesting the Chinese government? Do you think Mayor Bloomberg is one of their advocates? What do you think happens? What do you think happens to homosexuals in Saudi Arabia? They-are beheaded. That's why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wanted the students at Columbia University to tell him if they knew any in Tehran, remember that?

Now, the NBA is -- what is it, 85% African-American players, 85, 90? And they're defending a country where basically the entire country is enslaved to a communist government? Well, we all know why. It's money. Once again, money trumping ideas. Too much money to be made there in China.

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