Go Big Small Biz Network is protecting and promoting the interests of small businesses and fighting against state government overreach. Through our advocacy efforts, we are uniting, mobilizing, and giving a big voice to small businesses. We believe that every business should have the freedom to thrive and not have the government dictating their survival through burdensome regulations.

Hi, we are Jeff and Tracey. We are lifelong entrepreneurs and small business owners. We owned multiple organizations, including a female fitness center, pre-pandemic. As a result of the arbitrary COVID-19 lockdowns and implementation of other burdensome government regulations, we were forced to shut our doors. Our business, like many others, was never able to recover.

The truth is we did not have to lose this business and we decided to take action! We started the Go Big Small Biz Network to protect and promote the interests of other small businesses throughout Pennsylvania. We are working to expose the reality of what is truly happening in government and legislation with much of it designed to choke and eliminate small businesses.

When we launched in August 2022, we had little more than a vision and passion to fight for the survival of our other companies as well as to see small businesses united in a way that allows their voices to be heard. Our network mobilizes business owners and concerned citizens to change the trajectory of legislation through advocacy, education, and communication.

This work is important and we need your voice to make it happen.

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