HACC’s campuses will remain closed until Dec. 31.

Fall 2020 Announcement

Upon review of federal and state guidelines and the collegewide COVID-19 Task Force recommendations, HACC has developed afour-phased approach (pdf) to reopening our campuses. Our summer semester represents phase one.

For the fall semester, HACC will move to our phase three:

  • The College will remain open.
  • HACC’s campuses will remain closed until Dec. 31.
  • Classes will be taught online through remote instruction and virtual learning.
  • Student services will be provided online.
  • Only credit and Workforce Development programs with required hands-on/experiential components to meet learning outcomes will be permitted to hold on-campus classes. In these cases, class size may be limited, and personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing guidelines from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must be followed.
  • Only essential personnel or employees involved in the programs that are granted an exception by the governor may return to campus. Training will be provided on COVID-19 protocol and screenings.
  • This is subject to change at the direction of the Cabinet or by state mandate.


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