2.20.21 Heart Health With UPMC Heart & Vascular Institute

February is Heart Month. Dr. Hemal Gada, Interventional Cardiologist with UPMC Heart & Vascular Institute joins us with advice on being heart healthy. We will learn about the heart, this human pump....its chambers and valves. We'll discuss heart valve disease and the symptoms. Dr. Gada will share with us the latest incredible medical procedures at UPMC to repair and replace heart valves with minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Gada will also emphasize the importance of taking care of ourselves.....especially during this pandemic. Keep your doctor appointments. Keep an eye on your health. And if you notice something is not right.....please.....seek medical advice and help.

Learn more about good heart health at: www.upmc.com/checkyourheart

Hear our podcast with Dr. Gada here:

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