6.13.20 Hernia Awareness With UPMC Pinnacle

June is Men’s Health Month and one way to keep yourself or the man you love healthy is to learn about hernias. While we typically hear about men dealing with hernias, women are also susceptible. Hernias come in a variety of forms, but nearly all of them have something in common — they can be fixed with surgery. The surgeons at UPMC Pinnacle are here to help you learn more.

Dr. W. Kurtis Childers, Medical Director of UPMC Comprehensive Hernia Center is our guest to learn.....what is a hernia, where do hernias occur, what are the causes, the symptoms, and how do you repair a hernia.

We will also discuss how surgeries cancelled cause of Covid are now once again taking place.

Learn more at: UPMC Pinnacle: Hernia

Call the UPMC Comprehensive Hernia Center at: 717-482-5955

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