Covid Update & Staying Healthy While Traveling With Dr. John Goldman

Travel is back, especially during the holidays and the latest statistics for this year shows a 47% jump in travel since last November/December.

So here we are – Christmas is next week and now we have the regular flu season upon us , combined with the new Omicron variant causing havoc – and we’re still in the midst of the Delta variant…so what’s a traveler to do?

We need a tried and true medical expert to give us the scoop – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and we’ve got him!

Dr. John Goldman has been our “Let’s Talk Travel” medical expert for well over 20-years and he’s going to be answering all our questions this Saturday, December 18th,  from 11am til noon on “Let’s Talk Travel” on NewsRadio WHP580.

Dr. Goldman is UMPC VP of Medical Affairs at UPMC-Central PA and the Director of the UPMC Travel Clinic, he’s also an infectious disease specialist – and more!

Dr. Goldman continues to promote getting fully vaccinated ; getting a booster ; washing your hands frequently and wearing a face mask when necessary or mandated.

Hear our podcast here:

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