12.11.21 There's Just Something About Crystal Cruises

With well over 100 cruises under my belt, I know a thing or two about cruising – especially luxury cruising – and having the great privilege of sailing aboard the most luxurious ships on the planet, I’m here to tell you…”there’s just something about Crystal” that begins the moment you step onboard and honestly, never stops.

Crystal Cruises is the most award winning luxury cruise line in history, has an outstanding reputation (that brings their guests back year after year after year) - and - is celebrating 30+ years in the industry.

Crystal Cruises Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Carmen Roig, will be my “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” guest this Saturday morning from 11am – 12pm on WHP580/iHeartRadio.

Carmen is a tried and true cruise expert and professional with 40 years selling, marketing and representing cruise vacations. She will give the listeners an overview of  : Crystal Ocean , Crystal River and Crystal Expedition ships ; Crystal Clean Plus health & safety protocols ; worldwide itineraries ; spacious & luxurious living onboard a Crystal ship ; special promotions going on now – and so much more.

Crystal Cruises – Where Luxury is Personal - and you are treated like family the moment you step onboard.


Hear our podcast here:

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