4.17.21 Travel Beyond Ordinary & Discover The World of Tauck

Award winning and family owned (and led) Tauck Tours has been taking travelers around the world since 1925 – by land, sea, air and river.

“Small is Big” – one of Tauck’s mantras – means every tour, every river cruise and every small ship sailing has fewer people , more space , more exclusivity , more attention to every detail – and an overall better experience for all Tauck guests.

Mostly everything is included in a Tauck tour and my “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” guest Saturday, April 17th from 11am-12pm on iHeartRadio/WHP580 – Lora Schapiro, National Accounts Manager – will give us an overview on all things Tauck, including popular tours in Italy, Iceland, the National Parks and - the new Mississippi river sailings beginning this August.

Now is the time to make an appointment with a trusted AAA travel agent and begin planning your next vacation.


***Next Saturday, April 24th, “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” will answer new listener travel questions with AAA Vice President, Christina Bucher.***

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