8.1.20 Healthy Travel Update With Dr. John Goldman


He’s Back!!!

“Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” will once again feature Dr. John Goldman – UPMC Infectious Disease Specialist & Director of UPMC Travel Clinic – this Saturday morning, August 1st from 11am – 12pm on iHeartRadio/NewsRadio WHP580.

Dr. Goldman is a frequent (and very popular) “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” on-air guest - and for almost 20-years, he has been giving expert & professional medical advice to the listeners, especially when it pertains to travel-related illnesses.

During our June 20th “Healthy Travel” show, we ran out of time and Dr. Goldman could not answer many listener questions.

This Saturdays show will dive deeply into Covid-19 with updates, insight, perspective and how we can all stay healthy and safe - especially by wearing a mask , frequent handwashing , avoiding crowds and staying home when feeling ill. Dr. Goldman emphasizes being mindful , smart & careful about Covid-19 and your surroundings when outside of your home.

Learn more about Dr. Goldman here: UPMC Travel Clinic

Continuing to broadcast remotely during the Covid 19 pandemic, Sandy Fenton – host of “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” (since 1993) - is committed to giving the listeners updated, accurate and positive travel information with top travel experts and industry professionals & executives.

“Plan Now – Travel Later – Save Big - and Stay Healthy”

Now is the time to contact your local AAA and make an appointment with a travel agent for all travel & vacation sales, promotions, updated information and AAA Member Benefits happening now.

***Next Saturday, August 8th, “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” will feature luxurious and award-winning TAUCK TOURS with Steve Spivak, Vice President Global Sales***

Hear our podcast with Dr. Goldman here:

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