7.25.50 The Ultimate African Experience With African Travel Inc.

“If you can dream it – we can deliver it” is the mantra for award-winning African Travel, a leading luxury safari company, and its President, Sherwin Banda.

African Travel is one of 42 highly acclaimed global brands that make up The Travel Corporation - family owned and family run since 1920.

An African safari is considered one of the most sought after and highly desired ‘bucket list destinations’, and we will learn all about African Travel this Saturday, July 25th, from 11am-12pm on “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” on iHeartRadio/WHP580 with guest Sherwin Banda, President. Mr. Banda was born and raised in South Africa and brings his love, expertise and experience to everything having to do with touring and showcasing Africa.

Show highlights include the various travel styles available ; what sets African Travel apart from the other African touring companies ; wildlife (The Big 5) & ancient cultures ; customized tours and listener questions.

Continuing to broadcast from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sandy Fenton – host of “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” since 1993, is committed to giving the listeners updated, accurate and positive travel information with top travel experts and industry leaders & executives.

“Plan Now – Travel Later – Save Big – and Stay Healthy”

Now is the time to schedule an appointment with a AAA travel agent for all travel & vacation sales, promotions, updated information – and AAA member benefits going on now. (NOTE – AAA members from anywhere in the country receive double member benefits for African Travel.)

***Next Saturday, August 1st, “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” will feature Dr. John Goldman, UPMC Infectious Disease Specialist & Director of UPMC Travel Clinic***

Hear our podcast here:

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