6.20 Healthy Travel & Covid-19 Explained W Dr. John Goldman

“Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” will feature Dr. John Goldman – UPMC Pinnacle Infectious Disease Specialist & Director of UPMC Pinnacle Travel Clinic – this Saturday morning, June 20th from 11am – 12pm on iHeartRadio/NewsRadio WHP580.

Dr. Goldman is a frequent (and very popular) “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” on-air guest - and for almost 20-years, he has been giving expert & professional medical advice to the listeners, especially when it pertains to travel-related illnesses.

Of course Saturdays show will dive deeply into Covid-19 with insight, perspective and how we can all stay healthy and safe - especially by wearing a mask , frequent handwashing , avoiding crowds and staying home when feeling ill. Dr. Goldman emphasizes being mindful , smart & careful about Covid-19 and your surroundings when outside of your home.

Continuing to broadcast remotely during the Covid 19 pandemic, Sandy Fenton – host of “Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” - is committed to giving the listeners updated, accurate and positive travel information with top travel experts and industry professionals & executives.

“Plan Now – Travel Later – Save Big and Stay Healthy”

Now is the perfect time to contact a AAA travel agent for all travel & vacation sales, promotions and updated information.

Learn more about Dr. Goldman & Infectious Disease at: Pinnacle Health Infectious Disease Associates

& UPMC Travel Clinic

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