Ken Matthews is the afternoon Talk Radio host on WHP 580 Harrisburg-the capital of the formerly blue state of Pennsylvania. He is also a regular guest host for America's Number One radio program The Rush Limbaugh Show on the Premiere Radio Network. Ken was just named one of the 100 most important Talk Radio Show Hosts in America by the editors of radio-industry TALKERS Magazine. The Ken Matthews Show is also heard weekdays 3p-6p ET anywhere on the iHeartRadio app. He is a professional speaker for hire and an event host. Matthews has a passion for people, politics, pop culture,, pistols, pianos and alliteration. For 35+ years he's shared these passions with radio audiences. Ken was born in New Jersey and before border security was tightened in 1966, he and his family escaped to Florida where he spent his youth in sand and salt water. Ken is a graduate of North Carolina State University where he received his Bachelor's degree in political science but was unable to finish his broadcast degree because he was too busy broadcasting. Ken met his wife of 30 years in Maine and several states later they settled in Pennsylvania in 1991. They have a 90 year mortgage and two teenage sons that will not stop eating everything and using up all the paper products in the house. Ken is a lifetime member of the NRA, a pistol instructor, a former volunteer firefighter and a big fan of the US Constitution. Join the conversation because it's all about FREE SPEECH. Use it or lose it!