Plastic Only at Farm Show Parking Lots

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHP) — The PA Farm Show is right around the corner and planning your trip might look a little than any year before. Parking for the farm show is going cashless for 2023, so visitors planning to park, you better pack plastic.

Paper or plastic, this year, Shannon Powers, spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture, said there is only one option for parking at the PA Farm Show.

“Credit cards are preferred option; we take all major credit cards," said Powers. “We had trouble hiring people, we don’t have enough staff to staff the booths”

“Processing cash takes longer and makes the people in line behind you having to wait longer,” said Powers.

She recommends having a credit card ready when pulling in.

Powers explains plastic payment applies to all Farm Show operated parking lots, even the two off-site lots.

“We do expect a lot more traffic than last year and we had some success expediting traffic at some large shows,” said Powers.

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