Multiple Security Cameras Film Big Cat Prowling Streets of British Town

A series of security camera videos filmed over the course of several days appear to show a mysterious big cat prowling the streets of a town in England. The intriguing case reportedly began last week when the CCTV system at historic Piece Hall in the community of Halifax spotted what seems to be a rather sizeable feline casually roaming around outside of the building. According to the director of the facility, the creature was noticed by their operations team during "a routine auditing of the overnight footage and we couldn't work out what it was other than it resembled a very big cat."

Just a few days later, a second video showing what is presumably the same animal emerged online and was followed early this week by yet a third piece of security camera footage which captured the creature in and around the community. This last sighting may be the most dramatic of them all as the big cat can be seen walking near a parked car, which provides some perspective as to its size and suggests that, indeed, the mysterious feline is quite large and most likely not just an overfed house cat out for a late night stroll.

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