Bizarre Blob Found on Australian Beach

A woman walking along a beach in Australia stumbled upon a bizarre-looking blob that left people online scratching their heads. The strange denizen of the deep was reportedly discovered by KerryAnne Kennedy while visiting Urangan Beach last week. Posting a picture of the peculiar find on Facebook, she wondered if anyone could identify that oddity and, as one might imagine, people put forward various theories for what it could have been.

Some suspects suggested by people online included a stone fish or perhaps ambergris, however those theories proved to be incorrect as the unsettling denizen of the deep was eventually identified by a wildlife expert. Marine biologist Dr. Olaf Meynecke told an Australian media outlet that the oddity was likely a colony of tunicates, which is a type of creature that resides in the spaces between coral.

More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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