Watch: Santas Brawl at Russian Mall

A truly strange video out of Russia shows two men in Santa Claus costumes fighting at a mall. The bizarre scene reportedly unfolded at the food court of a shopping center in the city of Blagoveshchensk. According to witnesses, the brawl broke out when one of the men took issue with the other encroaching on his proverbial turf as, just before the fisticuffs began, the angry Santa declared "this is my territory" before pouncing on the perceived interloper.

Observers hoping for an elaborate, holiday-themed mixed martial arts exchange will be disappointed to learn that the two men appeared to have the fighting skills one might expect from a mall Santa. As such, they largely just rolled around on the floor attempting to wrestle the other into submission. Be that as it may, the weird scene understandably drew a number of bewildered onlookers, including one particularly savvy youngster who asked her mother "are they drunk?"

Check out the video of the Santa showdown and find out how the dispute wound up being resolved at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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