Watch: Hundreds of Birds Die Under Mysterious Circumstances in Wales

Authorities in Wales are trying to get to the bottom of a rather gruesome mystery after the bodies of hundreds of dead birds were discovered in a road. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred on Tuesday afternoon near the village of Bodedern on the Welsh island of Anglesey. Resident Hannah Stevens says that she initially saw the flock of starlings soaring through the sky earlier in the day as she was on her way to the doctor and marveled at the amazing sight.

However, when she returned home from the trip, Stevens was aghast to find that the road was now littered with the bodies of the birds. She informed her boyfriend Dafydd Edwards about the unsettling scene and was equally unnerved when he went to investigate the situation. "It was very distressing," he recalled, observing that it appeared as if the starlings had simply dropped dead in mid-flight and fell to the ground. Edwards theorized that perhaps the birds had been poisoned, but as of now the case remains unsolved.

More on this eerie story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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