Video: Puzzling Lights Filmed Over Mesa

A couple in Arizona were left scratching their heads this past weekend when they spotted a mysterious series of lights hovering in the night sky. The intriguing sighting, which wound up garnering attention from a local newscast, occurred on Sunday evening in the city of Mesa. Witnesses DJ Maier and Kerri Burnett say that the strange incident began when they noticed an inordinately bright light that suddenly began moving diagonally across the sky.

"I was trying to figure out which way it was heading," Burnett recalled, "and that's when we noticed it started dropping things from it." Fortunately, the couple were able to film the odd event as it unfolded and, in their footage, a series of smaller lights can indeed be seen falling from the object in a manner somewhat reminiscent of flares. As is to be expected in this day and age, the couple promptly posted their video to Facebook, but found that no one could explain what they had seen.

More on this puzzling story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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