Video: China's Massive Alien-Hunting Telescope to be Fully Operational Soon

An enormous radio telescope in China will soon begin hunting for alien signals in earnest as an arduous three-year-long testing phase for the project has nearly come to an end. The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, also known as FAST, was built back in 2016 and, since construction was completed, scientists working at the site have been conducting trial operations of the device. According to a report from the Chinese media outlet CCTV late last month, their work will soon be coming to an end and FAST will be fully operational.

As its name indicates, the device measures a jaw-dropping 500 meters in diameter which, for those who not abide by the metric system, is a whopping 1,640 feet. By virtue of its staggering size, FAST now stands as the world's largest single-dish telescope, having smashed the previous record held by the famed Arecibo Observatory which is a 'mere' 300 feet in diameter. Beyond merely besting its predecessor in size, the telescope is also reportedly three times as sensitive as Arecibo as well.

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