Video: Real Estate Company Performs 'Paranormal Inspections' on Homes

In honor of Halloween season, a Texas-based real estate company says that they have enlisted a team of experts to perform 'paranormal inspections' on all of their homes. The clever promotional campaign was announced by Bungalo this week and applies to their portfolio of residences in Dallas, Charlotte, Tampa, and Atlanta. Packaged as a free addition to their inspection process, the company says that "known experts in the paranormal sciences" performed thorough investigations in each of their homes in search of "anything out of the ordinary."

While the service seems to be largely tongue in cheek, the company certainly committed to the proverbial bit as they went so far as to produce a promotional video that showcases one of these purported inspections. And, to their credit, they actually brought in a genuine paranormal researcher, Becky Vickers, to perform the investigation, which consists of her venturing throghout the house armed with a Spirit Box in search of signs of inexplicable or unsettling activity that might concern prospective homebuyers.

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