Pennsylvania Restaurant Named 'Best Restaurant' In The Entire State

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Do you have a favorite restaurant?

Your favorite restaurant likely depends on what ethnicity of food you prefer. Whether you choose to indulge in Mexican, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian, American, or any other cuisine, there is one restaurant in each state that you simply have to try! While many restaurants exist across Pennsylvania, only one is known for being the best around. Be it the tasty unique dishes, quality service, or overall atmosphere, something about this one-of-a-kind restaurant keeps patrons returning for more.

According to a list compiled by Tripsavvy, the best restaurant in all of Pennsylvania is Zahav located in Philadelphia.

Here's what Tripsavvy had to say about the best restaurant in the entire state:

"Chef-owner Michael Solomonov’s ode to Israeli cooking has earned plenty of awards through the years. Located in Philadelphia, the airy dining room is host to diners indulging in massive spreads that are part of the five-course prix-fixe menu—but these aren’t tiny tasting plates. Every meal starts with fresh-from-the-tabun laffa flatbread with za’atar and olive oil, as well as a selection of six salads and creamy hummus. Multiple mezze (like tuna crudo and fried cauliflower with labneh) are followed by a selection of skewered kabobs and your choice of entrée, served with Persian crispy rice. A dessert of fresh fruit sorbet and malabi, a Middle Eastern pudding, completes the meal."

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