Pennsylvania Town Named 'Best Small Town' In The Entire State

Aerial view of downtown York Pennsylvania

Photo: iStockphoto

Small, but extremely memorable!

Far beyond the hustle and bustle of the city streets exists a charming little town that teems with so much good energy and rich history, that it is incomparable to the other small towns scattered throughout the state. This place is so unique and beloved that it was named as the best small town in Pennsylvania. Be it desirable shops, galleries, and diners, or just the general splendor of the quiet streets, something about this town keeps locals around, and visitors coming back for more!

According to a list compiled by The Discoverer Blog, the best small town in all of Pennsylvania is New Hope. The Discoverer Blog recommended checking out the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad.

Here's what The Discoverer Blog had to say about the best small town in the entire state:

"Named for a bright future that rose out of an industrial past, New Hope is a delight for lovers of visual and performing arts. This was where Broadway musicals were once brought to be trialed and perfected. George C. Scott, Grace Kelly and many others have taken to the stage at the Bucks County Playhouse. Today the town has a vibrant community of artists, who showcase their talents at hundreds of galleries."

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