Passenger Jumped Out Of Southwest Airlines Plane As It Taxied To The Gate

Southwest Grounds 44 Planes After Missed Inspections

Photo: Getty Images

A 30-year-old man was detained after he jumped out of an airplane as it was taxing to a gate at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Saturday (December 4) morning. Southwest Airlines Flight 4236 from Colorado Springs had just landed when officials said the passenger opened the rear galley door and jumped onto the runway while the plane was in motion.

The pilot immediately stopped the jet and contacted air traffic control. As multiple agencies responded to the situation, the man made his way to the fire station at the airport and locked himself inside a dormitory.

After several minutes the man opened the door and surrendered to authorities. He was taken to a local hospital to treat a "lower extremity injury."

The plane continued to the gate, and the remaining passengers disembarked without incident. The situation did not cause any other flights to be delayed.

Officials have not said if the man will face charges or why he jumped out of the plane. They said it is unclear how he managed to open the door and are continuing the investigate the incident.

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