Pennsylvanian Arrested For Stealing Nancy Pelosi's Laptop

>>Pennsylvanian Arrested For Stealing Nancy Pelosi's Laptop

(Harrisburg, PA) -- A Dauphin County woman is under police custody for stealing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's laptop during the riot at the nation's capital on January 6th. Officials say Riley June Williams was captured on video taking a laptop or computer hard drive from Pelosi's office, and she intended to sell the device to a friend in Russia, who planned to sell it to Russia's foreign intelligence service. Those plans reportedly fell through. Williams is facing charges of violent entry, disorderly conduct, aiding or abetting the theft of government property and more.

>>Chatroom Messages Believed To Belong To Riley Williams Surface

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Two chatroom messages believed to belong to the Harrisburg-area woman accused of taking a laptop belonging to Nancy Pelosi have surfaced. Pennlive reports the messages believed to be from 22-year-old Riley Williams indicated she stole from the House Speaker and that she didn’t care if she was killed for taking Pelosi’s hard drives. Williams is believed to have graduated from Mechanicsburg in 2017.

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