Dad Refused To Break Window To Save Toddler Who Died Inside Trapped Car

A father’s one-year-old daughter died trapped inside his vehicle after he refused to break the car window because he couldn’t cover the damage.

Sidney Deal, 27, rejected help from Metro Police officers and his brother, who offered to smash open the window to his new car, claiming the toddler was OK and that the air-conditioner was on. Deal told authorities Monday afternoon (October 5) that he accidentally left his keys inside the running car, but declined assistance from his insurance company because he didn’t agree with the cost.

The father said his daughter, who had been unfastened, was walking around the seats before she lay down on the floor, thinking she’d fallen asleep.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, police believe the baby had been trapped in a “high heat environment” for over an hour. By the time authorities broke open the window to recover her, the toddler was dead and her body had already gone into rigor mortis.

Deal was arrested and taken into the Clark County Detention Center on one count of child abuse or neglect causing substantial bodily harm. He is being held on a $20,000 bond as of Tuesday (October 6).

Photo: Metro Police

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