>>CD Students Could Be Back In Class For Full In-Person Learning Next Month

(Lower Paxton Twp., PA) -- Students in Central Dauphin School District could be allowed back in school five-days a week for in person learning next month. Following a Monday night rally, the district announced it will vote early next month to end hybrid learning by October 13th, granted there isn’t a significant COVID-19 outbreak until then. The vote is expected October 5th.

>>Richland Man Accused Of Sign Stealing, Vandalism In Lebanon County

(Lebanon, PA) -- A man from Richland is accused of stealing Donald Trump and pro-police signs from yards Monday night across Lebanon County. Jon Shanfelder also allegedly spray painted the word Racist and ACAB on private property amid a total of 13 reports of vandalism. The 24-year-old faces criminal mischief, theft, and other charges.

>>CARES Act Grant Application Period Closes In Lebanon County

(Lebanon, PA) -- Businesses in Lebanon County are now no longer able to apply for CARES Act funding in the county. The application period closed yesterday afternoon for access to over seven-million-dollars in individual grants. County representatives say they will dole out the grants in two phases with those receiving a grant in the first phase notified by month’s end.

>>State Senate Considers Measure That Would Make Being Maskless In Public A Misdemeanor

(Harrisburg, PA) -- The state Senate is considering a bill that would make it a misdemeanor if you are maskless in public. Senate Bill 1287 would make the action essentially reckless endangerment of another person. It’s unclear if the measure has enough support to pass the Senate.

>>Three Dead In Double-Murder Suicide In New Hanover Township

(New Hanover Twp., PA) -- Authorities are identifying the three people who died in a shooting in Montgomery County. Police say 78-year-old George Mihalcik shot his adult son, 56-year-old Stephen Mihalcik and his son's wife, 51-year-old Rebecca Hall Evans. They say he then shot himself. Police say George and Rebecca died at the home, and Stephen died at Reading Hospital. The shooting happened Monday night in the 29-hundred block of Reifsnyder Road in New Hanover Township.

>>ACLU Calls One-Million-Dollars Bail For Lancaster Protestors Illegal, Unconscionable

(Lancaster, PA) -- The ACLU is calling one-million-dollars bail for protestors in Lancaster illegal and unconscionable. Lancaster police claim they did not request a specific bail amount but did request that it be high due to the serious nature of the riot and potential for ongoing activity. The protests were in response to the shooting death of a Ricardo Munoz, who was shot after running toward police while holding a knife in a threatening manner. ACLU officials say it is illegal to use bail as a way to keep someone in custody until their trial.

>>Kutztown To Delay Enforcement Of Gathering Size Ordinance

(Kutztown, PA) -- Kutztown Borough Council is delaying enforcement of a portion of its new coronavirus ordinance. The section is related to limitations of gathering sizes, allowing police to warn or fine groups of ten or more people who aren't related. Council approved the move last Friday but follows a federal ruling against Governor Tom Wolf’s limits on gathering sizes. Wolf says he will appeal that ruling.

>>Mall Owner Says They Will Close All Their Locations On Thanksgiving

(Reading, PA) -- A company that owns malls across Eastern PA says all of their locations will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. Simon Property Group says it made the decision to keep malls and outlet centers closed so that workers can spend the holiday with their loved ones. The company says its stores will be open on Black Friday. Simon owns the Philadelphia Premium Outlets and the King of Prussia Mall in Montgomery County.

>>Berks Coroner Asking For Help Finding Pottstown Man’s Next Of Kin

(Bern Twp., PA) -- The Berks County Coroner's office is asking for help in locating the relatives of a Pottstown man who died at Reading Hospital. John Ford died of natural causes on September 4th. Anyone who has information about the 70-year-old’s next of kin is asked to contact the coroner's office

>>Shop-Vac Closure Leaves 400 Jobless

(Williamsport, PA) -- An estimated four-hundred people are jobless as Shop-Vac Corporation shut down its Williamsport facilities yesterday, without any advance notice. Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce officials say they're disgusted with what happened as companies are required to give a 60-day notice of a closure under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. The company told local officials they closed due to a planned sale falling through and have previously informed employees that the pandemic and economic conditions put the company in a tough spot. Local officials believe if the company had reached out to the community sooner for assistance, perhaps the outcome could have been different.

>>Investigation Into Bethlehem Girl Shooting Continues

(Bethlehem, PA) -- Bethlehem police are looking for any video recordings from residents or businesses that may help in their investigation of the eleven-year-old girl who was shot in the face last week. Last week the girl was shot in the face while answering her home's door just before midnight in the 19-hundred block of Fairland Avenue and suffered significant facial trauma, but is expected to recover. Police say they need any video recordings showing the roadway or public sidewalks from several areas between 11:45 p.m. on September 9th and 2:30 a.m. September 10th. The specific areas include Pennsylvania Avenue between Chatham Road and Union Boulevard, Eaton Avenue between Pennsylvania Avenue and Highland Avenue and much more.

>>University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center Doctors Announce Promising COVID-19 Treatment

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center doctors are working on a treatment for COVID-19 that shows promise in case current vaccine attempts fail. Doctors say their potential treatment, Ab8, has yet to be tested on humans, but they hope to start doing so early next year as it has been highly effective in preventing the virus in mice and hamsters. They added that it doesn't bind human cells which they say is a good sign there won't be any negative side effects as it would help people recover from the virus and protect others from getting infected. They're aiming to have it ready sometime in 2021.

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(Harrisburg, PA) -- An inmate at Dauphin County Prison is facing attempted homicide charges after an alleged attack on his cellmate. Travon Johnson reportedly pinned his cellmate against the wall and sink in their cell August 12th before being separated by corrections officers. That’s when the 25-year-old reportedly dropped an improvised weapon. The victim had puncture wounds to his head, shoulder, and arm after the attack. Johnson’s bail on the charge is set for a half-million dollars.

>>Two More Protest-Related Arrests In Lancaster

(Lancaster, PA) -- Two more people are facing charges for protests Monday outside the Lancaster Police Station. Timothy Garcia is accused of damaging lights at the U-S Post Office on West Chestnut Street and allegedly trying to use a piece of cardboard to set a tree on fire. Seth Gardner reportedly threw rocks at the police station and a police vehicle. The two are being held on 100-thousand-dollars bail.

>>Man Faces Charges In Lancaster After Green Laser Incident

(Lancaster, PA) -- A man is facing charges after allegedly shining a green laser into the Lancaster Police Station. Pedro Velazquez faces aggravated assault, riot, resisting arrest, and other charges for the incident that reportedly started with the laser Tuesday evening. Police had traced the laser to the 26-year-old outside the building, where Velazquez allegedly resisted arrest, drawing a crowd. Velazquez is said to be homeless.

>>Central P-A’s Hazy Skies Due To California Wildfires

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Meteorologists say the hazy skies over the past few days are due to the wildfires in California. The smoke is said to be significantly noticeable at sunrise and sunset after traveling thousands of miles across the county. It’s believed the haze will continue today and into the weekend.

>>Giant Company Looking To Hire Four-Thousand People

(Carlisle, PA) -- Representatives with The Giant Company say they want to hire around four-thousand people. The Carlisle-based grocer says those jobs will be at their new location along Grayson Road in Swatara Township, a distribution center in Carlisle, and two Giant Direct facilities in Camp Hill and Lancaster. Those interested in the positions can apply at Giant Food’s website. Since the start of 2020, The Giant Company has hired roughly seven-thousand new associates, according to Pennlive.

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