Daycare Worker Writes On Baby's Stomach To Shame Mom Over Diapers

Getting a child ready for daycare is no easy task - parents need to remember everything from diapers to extra clothes to snacks and more. And doing it for more than one kid doesn't make it twice as hard, it makes it 20 times as hard - especially for single parents. Well one single mom from Florida who manages to get her kids to daycare daily was shamed by the facility where they go, and they did it by writing a message on her son's stomach in permanent marker.

Heather Chisum shared her story on Facebook, explaining how every day when she picks her sons Fin and Milo up from daycare, she gets a daily report that explains their mood, when their diapers were changed and if she needs to send in anything extra with them. Well since Heather is a single mom with a full time job and raising two young kids, she might miss a small detail on the report every now and then. She happened to not see a note on the report saying that she needed to bring in more diapers for Milo, and even though she encounters teachers at drop-off and pick up who could've reminded her about it, instead, they chose to write "Mom I'm out of diapers pls read my report" on Milo's stomach in marker.

Even after scrubbing the message several times, it didn't come off. Making matters worse, the 23-year-old mom had planned to take them to the beach to play can't go now because of the writing all over Milo.

And if that weren't bad enough, the day care has done it before, writing on her child several months ago.

Heather asked her followers if she has a right to be furious over it or if she is overreacting because, she wrote, "I'm about to barge in this daycare tomorrow morning and have some words." Not surprisingly, they were all on her side.

One commented, "This is beyond disrespectful and disgusting coming from someone trusted with your child." Others pointed out how it is "wildly inexcusable" and that an email or call would've been easier." Some even urged her to file a police report. According to the Sanibel Police, as yet that has not happened.

Photo: Facebook/HeatherChisum

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