Pair of Bear Cubs 'Carjack' Security Van Then Honk Horn Until They're Freed

A man in Tennessee had an encounter with a few 'smarter-than-your-average-bears' on Friday after he discovered two bear cubs managed to break into his van and then lock themselves in the vehicle.

Jeff Stokely, a security technician for A.S.A.P. Security Systems, was parked outside a customer's home in Gatlinburg working, when he began hearing a car horn honking for about 20 minutes. Eventually, he realized it might be his van making all that noise and went out to investigate. That's when he discovered two bear cubs had gotten themselves trapped in his van and had been standing on the steering wheel, honking the horn.

Stokely posted photos and video of the two would-be thieves to his Facebook page writing, "I got carjacked today while I was with a customer. Gatlinburg is getting bad!"

One bear can be seen honking the car horn while the other scratches at the window as the pair try to escape. A second clip shows Stokely talking to an unidentified person about the potential whereabouts of the cubs' mother.

"She's not far. There's no way she's far from here," Stokely can be heard to say.

Stokely speculates that the bear cubs are young saying, that "they're this year, they're not very old."

At one point, the cubs appear to become impatient waiting for rescue as one slams itself against the window of his vehicle. Finally, Stokely opens the rear door to the van and tries to coax the two young cubs out, saying, "Come on, get out of there."

Eventually, both cubs dash off into the woods nearby.

Fortunately, Stokely says the two furry carjackers didn't do too much damage to his vehicle, only leaving a "couple teeth marks on the steering wheel" and that they had "mostly just got everything dirty."

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