Need a Place in San Diego? You Could Rent This $1,050 Backyard Shed!

It's no secret that California can get expensive for the average consumer. But, native Californians know that the price of living in the Golden State comes with the 'sunshine tax' which can make things like housing one of the most costly things about living on the West Coast. In fact, the median monthly gross residential rent in California was $1,447 in 2017 according to statistics from the Census Department.

So it's really no surprise for Californians - especially those who have lived in San Diego - to see that someone has listed a 200-square foot backyard shed for rent in one of the most walkable neighborhoods in town for whopping $1,050 per month.

The listing refers to the shed as a "studio," but many aren't convinced. One man who lives in the area, told KGTV he was amazed the backyard shed was going for that much money.

"Does it have plumbing?" said Joe Moreno, who lives in the neighborhood, "I mean, does it have facilities?"

The "studio" is located in the North Park section of San Diego which has become one of the hottest areas to live in thanks to the great nightlife and restaurants nearby. The neighborhood is only ten minutes away from Downtown San Diego and Mission Valley, making it an ideal location for people's commutes. The shed... err... studio comes with most everything you'd want including indoor plumbing, air conditioning, stove and a small refrigerator. However, you'll have to take your laundry somewhere else to get that done and parking - especially on the crowded streets - can be difficult to find without a dedicated space.

The company renting out the property, J.D. Property Management doesn't believe they'll have any issues renting the "studio" out as the previous tenant had been paying $1,100 per month for the last two years.

So, if you're looking for a nice place to set up some roots in San Diego, applicants must have a credit score of at least 650, an income of 2.5 times the rental amount and no history of evictions. But sorrry, you'll have to leave Fido behind as no pets are allowed.

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