Woman Dreams She Ate Her Engagement Ring, Then Needs Surgery to Get it Out

Dreaming is a uniquely human experience that many look forward to every night while trying to catch some zzz's. However, for some, dreaming can sometimes make people do things in the real world that they wouldn't have otherwise done. In fact, for one San Diego woman, a vivid dream ended up resulting in surgery after she accidentally ate her engagement ring while having a vivid dream.

Jenna Evans told KGTV about her dream last week that featured her and her fiancé, Bobby, fighting "bad guys" on a high-speed train. At one point during the dream fight, her fiancé told her that she needed to swallow her engagement ring to protect it from them. When she woke a few hours later and noticed her engagement ring was missing from her finger, she realized what happened.

"When I woke up and it was not on my hand, I knew exactly where it was," Evans told the station. "It was in my stomach."

The next morning, Evans and her fiancé went to Urgent Care to confirm the location of the missing ring, with the X-rays clearly showing the expensive jewelry still sitting in her stomach, waiting to pass through. However, as the ring became painful for Evans she elected to have an upper endoscopy on her doctor's recommendation to remove it.

"I was really happy because I don't know if I can look at it and appreciate it in the same way, if I had to search for it," Evans said.

The surgery went smoothly and doctors were able to reunite the woman with her missing ring.

"I feel very grateful that I got it back, and that this is a happy and funny story," Evans said.

Fortunately, the hiccup with the engagement ring hasn't interfered with Evans and her fiance's wedding plans. They're scheduled to get hitched in her home state of Texas in May next year.

Howevr, in might be a lesson learned for Evans, she says she now removes her ring before going to sleep.