If you weren't sure how you'd feel about Kermit the Frog having a new voice, now you can finally decide. 

Every week, the Muppets release an official "Muppet Thought of the Week" on the official YouTube channel, and this week's video features, for the first time, puppeteer Matt Vogel in the role of Kermit. 

The AV Club deems Vogel, the third person to voice Kermit, "perfectly competent at hitting the character's froggy tone," and USA Todaysays it "sounds a lot like old Kermit." Gizmodo notes that while the voice isn't exactly what we're used to, "it's also clearly still Kermit, and really that's the most important thing." Muppets creator Jim Henson voiced Kermit first, followed by Steve Whitmire, who was recently let go after much drama.

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