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Thank you for listening to our Radio Show every Sunday on WHP580. We had some great callers and incredible feedback.CLICK HERE FOR GREEK YOGURT RECIPES!

Here are the DRY RUB recipes we mentioned on the show as healthier alternatives. Please give us some feedback if you tried it and whether or not you liked it. One thing is for'll be HEALTHIER for it! ;o)BBQ Dry Rub4 tablespoons paprika 2 tablespoons chili powder2 tablespoons gound cumin2 tablespoons lite brown sugar or splenda brown sugar2 tablespoons sea salt or himalayan (pink) sea salt, a healthier alternative.1 tablespoon ground oregano1 tablespoon stevia sugar1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper1 tablespoon white pepper2 tablespoons cayenne pepperPork Dry Rub1 teaspoon garlic powder (not garlic salt)1 teaspoon red pepper flakes½ teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper1 teaspoon mustard powder2 teaspoons sea salt or himalayan (pink) sea salt, a healthier alternative.3 teaspoons lite brown sugar or splenda brown sugar

CLICK HERE FOR GREAT SUMMER RECIPES!!Nadia - Before and then After with RJ Harris.

TrimLine A Program Like No OtherWe at TrimLine know the challenges that comes with losing weight but what we totally understand and realize even more, is the battle to KEEPING THE WEIGHT OFF!!! That's why we focus more on maintaining the weight for life. Our proven nutritional weight loss plan is geared toward a lifestyle change. One on One Attention & AccountabilityNo awkward or "social hour" group meetings. You will receive one-on-one counseling and support whether you visit one of our centers or use our mytrimline online program and get individual attention. You will not be alone trying to decipher between all the do's and don'ts. Every week you will receive one on one help by planning your days and events coming up, teach you about nutrition, planning your busy lifestyle at home or work. We will hold you accountable but above all, motivate you and make things easier to reach your personal goal. Unlike other weight loss programs, we plan for life events from vacations, going out to eat, your favorite foods, to even alcohol. You will NOT be deprived. Use Your Own Grocery Store Foods No counting points. No boxed pre-packaged foods. We at TrimLine will teach you and plan your days based on nutrition to fit YOUR lifestyle. This is a healthy program that you can cook at home, have pizza night or a bowl of ice cream, eat out at restaurants or even fast food, eat at friends house, go to picnics, enjoy your vacations, relax with a glass of wine or an adult beverage, etc. We will show you that you can LIVE YOUR LIFE with moderation but still LOSE the weight!!!! Our Focus...Maintenance, Maintenance, MaintenanceNo more yo-yo dieting, no "diet" at all! A lifestyle change through realistic planning by learning how to handle stress, emotions, and all life's ups and downs. No life-long memberships or lengthy maintenance phase. We have the innovative concept to teach you maintenance as you come for your one on one visits on a weekly basis. So by the time you have reached your goal, it has become a habit! You will learn how to LIVE your LIFE and make easy nutritional adjustments to maintain your weight. TOGETHER let's do something different... LET'S LOSE THE WEIGHT HEALTHY AND KEEP IT OFF! !

Nadia Sharifi-Rousselle is the creator, owner and operator of TrimLine Weight Loss Centers. The growth and success of her family owned business is not only due to her education and experience, but her deep rooted passion and empathy extending from her own personal battle and struggles with weight loss. Nadia successfully lost over 50 lbs through nutrition and has maintained her weight loss for over 20 years with her own proven maintenance program. She has studied at Penn State University and has an extensive background and hands on experience in the weight loss and weight management field for over 15 years. She is a Certified Health and Wellness coach for individual clients. Nadia was a private consultant and Regional trainer for 3 major weight loss companies, several doctors offices, and gyms. She flew every week to manage and train these facilities for almost 2 years in 5 different States and received many awards and certifications for her result studded ideas. To expand her expertise Nadia worked as a personal trainer for 24 Hour fitness, Gold's Gym and Plant Fitness. She has provided high-quality weight loss and wellness coaching for companies, private doctor offices, fire departments and schools. In 2009, Nadia was honorably nominated for Women of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Over the years, she has participated in several charities, worked for an adoption agency, was a mentor for Big Brother/Big Sister, part of Elderly Outreach Program and educating children for better eating habits and mind set. Nadia was raised in State College, PA and has resided off and on in the Harrisburg area since 1996. Being such a workaholic, when she can find time, Nadia likes to bike, play volley-ball, and hike. She loves to cook but finds herself eating out often due to her work schedule. Nadia is very close to her family. She has 3 sisters (one manages the Lancaster location), 2 brothers, her mother, many nieces and nephews. Along with her loving husband and step-daughter. Nadia and her father are inseparable (he retired from the State of PA but works 5-6 days at TrimLine). Is there any wonder why Nadia is a workaholic??If you have any questions regarding nutrition, weight loss, health and all around wellness, please send an email to:  Check our website for more information and BOOK a FREE consultation at www.mytrimline.comTrimLine Weight Loss Center locations:

  • Lancaster Location: 245 Centerville Rd Suite 9, Lancaster, PA 17603 Phone: 717-490-6472
  • West Shore Location: 406 Bosler Ave, 1st floor, Lemoyne, PA 17034 Phone: 717-737-4292
  • East Shore Location: 5401 Locust Lane, Harrisburg, PA 17109 Phone: 717-525-8787

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