Weekend Shows

Inspire to Retire - SATURDAY 6am to 7am

Hosted by Bill Parker        

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Taking Care of Business - SATURDAY 7am to 8am

Michael Parks is your host for this weekly show that showcases local businesses. We sit down with the owners and staff of area businesses learning about their products and services. Products and services you may not be aware of or available here in our area. It is our mission to help support our local businesses. By supporting them you are supporting our local economy. The money you spend here stays here in the place we call home. If you would like us to spotlight your local business email me atmparks@whp580.com Thanks for listening.Michael Parks is also Creative Director for the Clear Channel Harrisburg Radio Group, writing and producing many of the commercials you hear on all 5 of our Clear Channel radio stations as well as other radio and TV stations in the area.


Medical Matters - SATURDAY 8am to 9am

Medical Matters with Dr. Brett Delone, Dr. Peter Brier, and Kelly McCormick, RN.


The Plant Dr. - SATURDAY 9am to 10am

On Saturday mornings, the grass seems a little greener, when Dr. Noel Falk hits the airwaves. Each week the discussion focuses around everything from plants and weeds to birds and recipes.


Financial Freedom - SATURDAY 10am to 11am

Set aside an hour on Saturday mornings to take advantage of free, non-biased financial advice from one of Central PA’s most respected financial advisors with over 30 years of experience. Join Tim Decker, president of ISI Financial Group, Inc., for “Financial Freedom” each Saturday from 10-11am.

Tim is proud to be a fee-only financial planner and fiduciary. This means he sells no financial products and is paid only for advice, guidance and services, and is bound to a written fiduciary oath to always represent clients’ best interests. He holds the designation of AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary) and provides sound financial guidance and first-hand experience while truly looking out for you, not Wall Street. Tim has frequently been a source and contributor for local and national media including the Wall Street Journal, Lancaster Sunday News, Harrisburg Patriot News, Central Penn Business Journal, ABC 27 News, and WITF's Smart Talk. His book, The Sleep-Well-At-Night Investor, discusses the deceitful practices of the mutual fund industry and how to confidently invest financial assets.

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You can email him at isi@isifinancialgroup.com or visit ISI Financial Group, Inc. at www.isifinancialgroup.com

Let's Talk Travel - SATURDAY 11am to 12pm

“Let’s Talk Travel with AAA” first aired on WCMB September 1993 with host and show creator, Sandy Fenton. It is the only syndicated radio travel show in the state of Pennsylvania. It can be heard throughout the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Every week "Let's Talk Travel" host Sandy Fenton takes the audience to a different vacation destination with the travel experts sitting in the studios as guest co-hosts.

A broadcast veteran for over 20 years, Sandy is considered an expert travel interview with various regional and national radio and print organizations.

Fenton’s on-going travels take her to several foreign and domestic destinations every year. In fact, on that devastating day of September 11th, Sandy and her husband, Stewart, were flying home from Norway when the SAS Captain announced that the American airspace was closed and just over Iceland, the flight was diverted back to Oslo for five additional days.

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The Marc Scaringi Show - SATURDAY 1pm to 2pm

The Marc Scaringi Show is your home for Conservative talk Radio.  Listen on WHP 580 AM Saturdays at 1 p.m. or any time on iHeartRadio.

The Pittsburgh 9-12 Project stated of Marc, “... had a perfect conservative rating consistent with that which one might expect from a Constitutionalist or Libertarian. The answers were direct and his arguments were convincing and well-constructed. Marc Scaringi would definitely be an anti-Progressivism voice working to defeat any further encroachment upon the Constitution and to stop any further intrusion into the lives of American citizens.”

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La Torre Live - SATURDAY 2pm to 3pm

Airing every Saturday at 2 p.m. on News Radio WHP 580, La Torre Live will take a fun (and many times sarcastic) look at government, public affairs, sports, entertainment and more. We're different because we won't take ourselves seriously -- except when we do. La Torre Live will be produced and co-hosted by accomplished radio pro, Frank Schofield. You can follow the show on Twitter at @La_Torre_Live.

La Torre Communications founder David La Torre is a well-regarded public affairs and communications strategist who has served as a spokesperson for high-profile clients and crises.  For over a decade, David has successfully handled communications for a number of events that captured the world’s attention, including the Jerry Sandusky issue at Penn State University and the dramatic Quecreek Mine Rescue outside of Pittsburgh.

He has worked with and appeared in media outlets across the country and world, including The New York Times, BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, Philadelphia Inquirer, Los Angeles Times, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

David began a career in public service under Gov. Tom Ridge, serving in the communications office as a spokesman and chief speechwriter and was later named press secretary to Gov. Mark S. Schweiker.

An experienced public speaker, David has spoken to a number of organizations, including the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police and Corrections USA. He previously served as the keynote speaker at an international public affairs conference in Budapest, Hungary.

A former journalist, David won several awards covering government and politics for Pennsylvania newspapers, including The (Allentown) Morning Call and York Dispatch/York Sunday News.

David holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Francis University and a master’s from Ball State University.

Inspire to Retire - SATURDAY 3pm to 4pm

Hosted by Bill Parker        

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The Catholic Conference Weekly Insider - SATURDAY 4:30pm-5pm

The Catholic Conference Weekly Insider - The main stream media gives you only a certain perspective on what’s going on in the Catholic faith. Here’s a way to find out a lot more—from the inside. Al Gnoza of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference discusses issues of interest to Catholics in the Harrisburg diocese and across the state. He will focus on legislative concerns at the state Capitol and across the nation, including pro-life issues, Catholic education, and yes, even the topic of recreational marijuana. Al will check in with several lawmakers in Harrisburg each week and feature their comments. He will also see what’s happening with the various parishes and Catholic schools around the diocese.

HERO’S Talk Radio - SATURDAY 5pm - 6pm

HERO’S Talk Radio with hosts Dave and Laurett Arenz is presented by the Freedom Financial Radio Network and plays across the country. Through their Triple Crown Solution, Dave and Laurett coach clients to achieve financial independence by presenting options that provide safety, liquidity, and a great rate of return for tax-free account accumulation and distribution. As founders of HERO’S Strategies, Inc. and successful financial strategists, investors, and business owners for over 30 years, Dave and Laurett have trained hundreds of Strategic Wealth Coaches throughout the country to provide the Triple Crown Solution in their individual markets. Laurett’s heart for serving others and Dave’s “tell it like it is” style provides for a perfect recipe to unveil the secrets of the wealthy by teaching new school answers to old school questions on how to achieve financial independence. Together, Dave and Laurett educate clients on how to redirect their current assets into the RAFT strategy (Retirement Approach Free of Tax), PPP programs (Personal Pension Plan), and AAA approaches (Asset Accumulation Access) to provide security and safety in their future lives. Listeners may receive Laurett’s award-winning book,The RAFT Strategy: How to Build Your Tax-Free Next Egg without Risk!, and a personal illustration by a Strategic Wealth Coach in their area totally complimentary by calling (866) 544-7755, or by visiting WeBuildYourWealth.com

Retirement Red Zone Radio - SATURDAY 6pm - 7pm

Tune in with host Jason Bergey every Sunday at 10 a.m. for “Retirement Red Zone Radio,” as Jason covers the financial concerns of pre- and current retirees in the central Pennsylvania area. Follow Jason as he discusses the latest trends in the financial industry and the tools you should use to stay on top of your future.


The Best of Glenn Beck - SATURDAY 7pm to 10pm

Did you miss Glenn Beck? Now you can hear him again! Topical, humorous, biting commentary and that's only a small part of what happens. You just can't describe the show without listening for at least 8 weeks. Get hooked on Beck!

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Coast to Coast AM - SATURDAY 10pm to 12am

Go "Coast to Coast" with George Noory and his unusual program filled with extraterrestrials, government conspiracies and inexplicable phenomena. Prepare for the end of the world with Art and his odd collection of informative guests. There's no better way to stay up all night.


ResQ Helpline - SUNDAY 6am to 8am


SWC True North Wealth Management - SUNDAY 8am to 9am

Hosted by Dave Weaver, Tom Paup, and Megan Wall 

Tune in every Sunday with Dave Weaver, Megan Wall, and Tom Paup to learn the basics of finance, as well as strategies to help you follow your True North.   Your True North is based on what is important to you, your most cherished values, your passions and motivations and your sources of satisfaction.  These core values should help you define your financial goals and create a path to reach them!


Maximized Living Radio - Sunday 9am to 10am

Join Dr. Greg O'Neill every Sunday at 9am for Maximized Living Radio. Gather the knowledge and action steps necessary to overcome common health obstacles and live to your fullest, God-given health potential. Dr. Greg owns and operates Lititz Family Chiropractic alongside his wife and fellow chiropractor, Dr. Krysta O'Neill. Together they have built a large family-based wellness practice that focuses on finding the cause of people's health concerns while providing industry-leading resources and health seminars on topics such as stress, ergonomics, nutrition, exercise and de-toxification. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Greg or to get more information you can contact him at 717-627-0365 or visit lititzfamilychiropractic.com.

Retirement Red Zone Radio - SUNDAY 10am - 11am

Tune in with host Jason Bergey every Sunday at 10 a.m. for “Retirement Red Zone Radio,” as Jason covers the financial concerns of pre- and current retirees in the central Pennsylvania area. Follow Jason as he discusses the latest trends in the financial industry and the tools you should use to stay on top of your future.


My TrimLine With Nadia - SUNDAY 11am to 12pm

We at TrimLine know the challenges that comes with losing weight but what we totally understand and realize even more, is the battle to KEEPING THE WEIGHT OFF!!! That's why we focus more on maintaining the weight for life. Our proven nutritional weight loss plan is geared toward a lifestyle change. Click Herefor webpage.

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Financial Safari - SUNDAY 12pm to 1pm

Are the different instruments in your portfolio in harmony with each other? A retirement plan that's out of tune can cause a lot of problems, so tune in to the Financial Safari with Matt Taylor to be sure that you're on the right track. Each week, Matt and the team will walk you through some of the common mistakes that people make in their financial planning, and help you discover some strategies that will help you hit all the right notes in your retirement plan. Matt Taylor can be reached at 717-232-5808 or visitwww.taylorretirementservcies.com for more information.

Rush Limbaugh - SUNDAY 1pm to 4pm

On a powerful mission to take America back from the liberals, America's greatest American waves the flag for conservatives while uncovering the shenanigans in Washington. No one is safe from Rush's acerbic wit and biting commentary.


Sean Hannity Encore - SUNDAY 4pm to 7pm

Sean Hannity is a gutsy talk show host that always lands on the right side of the issues. Hannity grew up in Franklin Square, Long Island, in the shadows of Manhattan.From his first commercial radio station in Alabama, Hannity has since moved up to be one of the most successful cable news/talk shows

Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy - SUNDAY 7pm to 10pm

Your Go-To Gadget GuyLeo Laporte has worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, most recently focusing on technology coverage for radio, television, and the Internet.From computers, the internet, iPods, cell phones to camcorders, digital cameras, gaming systems and home theatres...Leo Laporte provides entertaining tech talk that appeals to the inner geek in all of us!CLICK HEREfor official website.

Billy Cunningham - SUNDAY 10pm to 12am

The acclaimed "Voice of the Common Man" has lightened up the airwaves with many national and local politicians, cultural leaders, authors, spin doctors and other miscreants. If it's news, if average, hard-working, God-fearing, Americans hear it, see it or read about it; it will be on the Bill Cunningham Show.

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