You've heard the 30-second ad on WHP 580.  Well, we decided to spend 30 minutes and get the entire story about this business that rents out  goats to clean up areas of your property you can't mow.

John Connelly, "The Goat Guy" and Founder of Grazing Green Goats joins me and Nancy Ryan (who had the goats grazing at her home) to tell us how this all started and why these goats are so good at what they do and why they are so fun to watch.

Here are pics of the goats in action at Nancy's house.


Learn more by visiting www.grazinggreengoats.com 

or call 717-350-5204

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is unveiling yet more new regulations as part of its climate rules.  Many of these regs are targeted at coal burning power plants.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce warns these new regs could damage the economy by $50 billion a year. They are also warning this could make electricity rates soar for businesses and consumers.

Hearings were recently held in front of sold-out crowds including Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania's coal industry is obviously concerned and this half hour we get to speak with Hal Quinn, President & CEO of the National Mining Association to get their view on these new EPA regulations.  

To learn more visit www.nma.org and www.countoncoal.org    

Hear our interview here: