If you love crackin-crunchin....pickin & munchin down sweet succulent Maryland blue crabs....you will love this place.  

Back in my wild n crazy days I would spend every weekend "down the shore."  And many a weekend we would go "crabbin" and enjoy a crab feast.  Well...it's been a while since I had steamed crabs....so I picked up some recently at the seafood counter at the grocery store.  Well....it wasn't the crabs I remembered.  So during a 4th of July shindig with my relatives, I got a half bushel of steamed and seasoned crabs from Harbour House crabs.  

We sat out on the patio in 100-degree heat feasting on those beauties.  NOW THOSE WERE CRABS!  Steamed to order and seasoned....it was a family treat and what a way to celebrate summer.    

I took my mic over to the Carlisle Pike location of Harbour House crabs to sit and chat with Curt Engle and find out why everyone loves his crabs and seafood.

 If you want a treat....call and order and pick some up for your family or friends this week or for the weekend.  A great way to enjoy a Maryland shore treat anytime here on the East or West Shore.

Harbour House Crabs
1170 Eisenhower Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Harbour House Crabs
5523 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

If you live out of the area....visit their website www.ilovecrabs.com and you can have them shipped anywhere and learn more about them.

Wanna learn how to eat a crab?  Watch here

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The great folks at CPRS have been with us since the start of my show on WHP, and this year they are celebrating 30 years in business.  CEO Tom Marsillio and Francesca Kirk will tell us all about this "employee owned" company.

We will learn why they are not only "The Hands That Heal & The Hearts That Care" when it comes to physical therapy and wellness, but also why it's so important for them to give back to the community that made them successful.  It truly embodies their three core values which are Excellence....Integrity....and Teamwork.

Learn more about them at www.cprsweb.com 

Hear our interview here: